Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb has arrived

The team at E. Oldroyd & Sons team is responsible for the delicious Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb and have produced forced rhubarb in Yorkshire for five generations. They are recognised as a leader in their industry due to their expertise in growing this highly specialised crop. A lot of work goes into producing these tender, sweet, vibrant vegetables, including growing and harvesting them by candlelight!

The steps to create this magical Rhubarb:

  • Once ready, the team uses candlelight to help limit photosynthesis and forces the vegetable to use energy stored in its roots, making them far sweeter than the normal variety.
  • The rhubarbs roots are left out in the fields for 2 years, so they are exposed to frost toughening the roots. After this, the rhubarb is lifted and placed into forcing sheds for 6-9 weeks until the beautiful sticks are ready.

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