Dotto Family – Radicchio specialists

Based in Torre d’Orlando, the Dotto family has been specialising in growing a range of Radicchio for more than 40 years. Through its Torre d’Orlando brand, they produce high-quality products grown with respect for the territory and traditional flavours for the tables of Treviso residents. With a focus on producing late Radicchio, Radicchio Rosso di Treviso PGI accounts for around 80% of the cultivated areas as well as the Dotto company’s revenue.

The Dotto organisation manages the full production process themselves, from field cultivation to packing and marketing, and has chosen to adopt manual processes throughout the entire production!

Throughout the year, the Dotto agricultural company increases its operations with additional crops and crops of seasonal greens and vegetables, in addition to focusing on the manufacture of a wide range of Radicchi.

Prince of all Radicchio

Tardivo Radicchio is referred to as the true ‘Ugly Duckling’ due to their genetic mutation, transforming it from a green leafy product in the field to the crunchy small white and red heart.

Many stages of production contribute to this remarkable mutation, from harvesting to early cleaning, selection, and the bleaching process.

The root section of the Radicchio is planted in tanks, covered by pure groundwater that flows underground directly from the Venetian Mountains, re-emerging just a few metres above ground in the area. With the slow maturation of the pure water, the Radicchio, regenerates after being picked from the cold countryside.

All of the dormant leaves that degenerated throughout the process will be removed from the Radicchio during grooming to make way for the new crunchy red and white heart. During this process, the team takes extra care and attention to ensure that the product retains its shape and consistency. Finally, the product will be cleaned and packed.

We supply a range of their Radicchio products, including Castelfranco, Rose Radicchio, Treviso, and Tardivo. Please speak to the team to find out more.

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