Say hello to our Koppert Cress Edible Plants! 🌿

🌿Based in the Netherlands, Koppert Cress specialise in edible leaves, blossoms made from only natural aromatic plants, and cress varieties.

🌿We have Sweet Peeper available, which gives a dish an additional dimension while paying homage to its source, the sweet potato. Morar Shoots offering a warming, sharp, and subtle sweet flavour with a beautiful and strong, wasabi-like aftertaste. Both varieties are grown in specially designed dark rooms with high humidity, and are part of the recently launched white vegetable collection.

🌿In addition to the white vegetables, they’ve also introduced another new product, Sansho Leaves. They taste like citrus fruits, yuzu, and kaffir lime and pair well with fish, pork, and crustaceans.

If you’re interested, get in touch with our team.