Spring Onion from DMC Salads

Based in Worcestershire, Orazio Di Marco and his family specialise in growing spring onions courgettes and salad leaves. It all began in 1960s when Orazio Di Marco’s grandfather, who shared the same name, moved to the U.K. from Sicily, growing a variety of vegetables like every generation before him. Orazio’s father, Michael, then took over the company after his retirement and subsequently turned it into a limited company. Now all aspects of growing are covered by Orazio and his father, and the only staff they have are for harvesting and packing. This year, they are expanding their range, growing fine beans, broad beans and peas.

✨Orazio and his father are very hands-on with the operation. They weed the crops by hand after emergence to avoid introducing unnecessary chemicals into the onions. This helps to keep the green colour lush as the sprays damage them slightly.

✨To further ensure its freshness, the roots of their produce are kept longer than most, giving them a longer life span. When stored correctly, it can last 2 days longer.

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