Vassout Apples and Pears

30 miles north of Paris, across 35 hectares of land, the Vassout family has been producing some of the highest-quality fruits since 1926. With the guidance of his father, Roger Vassout, and great-uncle Jean Vassout, who has a lifetime of experience growing apples and pears, Fabien Vassout now looks after the operation.

The Vassout family is the oldest family of arborists in the Île-de-France region, and it shows in the level of love and care they have for their production. All trees in the orchards are hand pruned, with leaves and small fruits removed to maximise sunlight. As a result, their apples and pears are remarkable, with barely any blemish or mark on them.

Reine de Reinette, Royal Gala, Canada, Fuji, Jubilé, Calville, Clochard, Pink Kiss, and Granny Smith are the varieties of apples they produce. For pears, they have Guyot, Williams Blanches, Williams Rouge, Beurré Hardy, Comice, Conférence, and Passe Crassane.

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