New Forest Green Asparagus 🇬🇧

The New Forest Fruit Company – Green Asparagus

Known for their delicious strawberries, The New Forest Fruit Company is based between the Solent and the New Forest National Park. It has the ideal microclimate for growing strawberries, small soft fruits and in the last five years – green asparagus. Unlike most growers, with their optimum location and use of modern growing systems, they have a very long picking season from March until the end of November.

Sandy and his team have been developing and adapting their methods of growing their strawberries to grow the perfect asparagus in the last couple of years.

The team discovered that the plants and soil microbes work in perfect harmony, providing the plant with all the nutrients they need for optimum health. By using recycled composted growing media used in their strawberry production, they were able to create the richest compost and reuse around 4.5 million litres of leftover matter! There is also zero chemical residue in the crop as the team are weeding by hand and using biological control to eliminate pests.

Our team also try to help reduce the overall carbon footprint by collecting the asparagus after we finish delivering in the area.

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