Axuria lamb from the Pyrenees

At Smith & Brock, we are constantly searching for high-quality goods, therefore we are delighted to be working with Axuria and their young lamb from the Pyrenees. Since its creation in 1983, Axuria has specialised in lamb, and the milk-fed lamb from the Pyrenees is the only milk-fed lamb in France to hold both an IGP and a Label rouge.

Both the Label Rouge and IGP Pyrénées certifications ensure the quality and traceability that are unique to the local expertise. This is what adds to the meat’s reputation of being lean, tender, and low in calories.

We now supply Axuria main cuts – shoulders, culottes, racks and saddles, along with whole milk-fed lambs. Offals (sweetbread, kidneys etc) are also available separately.

To ensure freshness and better shelf life, all goods are vacuum packed but can also be sent loose on request.

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