Free-range poultry from the Basque Country

Aldabia is known for their premium free-range yellow skin & flesh, corn-fed chicken and guinea fowl. Their poultry, selected only by the best local farmers in Pays Basque, are recognised by some of the best restaurants in Paris and have earned two gold medals at the General Agricultural Competition at the Paris Agricultural Show.

They are proud of their local heritage and are committed to preserving its agriculture and produce. With workshops located in Ossès in the Nive valley, and other farms distributed over the Basque Country, their Baserri poultry is raised and processed entirely in the Basque Country.

With a focus on animal welfare, they aim to create the most respectful breeding conditions for their poultry. At Aldabia, they raise the birds for at least 91 days in open-air farms, feed them only with grains grown within the farm, and implement a co-habitation system that naturally creates a comfortable and safe environment for both birds. They discovered that the birds’ behaviours are quite the opposite: Guinea fowl are naturally nervous, and chickens are quiet. By having them live together, they naturally create an optimum living space where the birds are less stressed but more aware of potential predators like foxes, which results in almost no loss of birds and better-quality meat.

We now supply Aldabia yellow chicken and guinea fowls. Poulet de Bresse and black-leg chickens are also available in our Fine Food range.

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