More than ever, we have a duty to help our farming industry, and not only those growing core products, but even more those small companies with niche products or uncommon products that we would normally find in restaurants but afraid to buy them for our home use…. surely there are enough ideas/recipes to take from the internet or while watching cooking programmes on TV! And if this is not enough – well, find our own simple Smith & Brock recipe!

As always, when a product is good, we should just let the product talk for itself and use it as simply as possible! Grilled Wye Valley Green Asparagus with Isle of Wight tomatoes and Sourdough Bread (from BreadBread Artisan Bakery, Herne Hill South East London.

Why not top this with parmesan, manchego or  mozzarella cheese? Great as a starter or even main course with the glorious spring weather we currently have! So simple to make and all those products are available for our trade customers and also in our home delivery boxes… even the olive oil!