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Speciality calcots from Catalonia.

Delivery every Wednesday direct from producer. Pre-order only.

They are cooked with the dirt on, over a pit fire, then peeled and served hot with Romesco sauce.

We’re sure you’ll find a recipe of your own to put your twist on this fantastic product or serve it the traditional way!



Smith & Brock hosted a farm visit to one our suppliers Roughway Farm in Tonbridge Kent. Farmer Giles Cannon showed us around his family farm where a variety of crops are grown.

Currently in season are raspberries (although ending soon), apples and cobnuts. Cherries and plums are also grown when in season.

We truly got an insight into the hard work that goes into getting these product into our kitchens. We would like to thank Giles for the tour and of course his stunning fruits!







What a nice day out we had in Lee Valley Park!

A big thank you to Gavin at Totallywilduk for spending a few hours showing us so many plants, roots, mushrooms and flowers that we never thought we could eat! And some that are not so nice to eat!! So interesting to know that all those plants have so many purposes… Gavin’s knowledge in terms of medicinal use was amazing! We won’t need to go to the chemist anymore! It is all out there in the wild to treat our stomach pains, headaches etc…

The day was followed by a great improvised lunch with what we had harvested… wild mushroom risotto cooked in nettle stock followed by cheese cake with wild berries and Birch syrup! Gorgeous! Not to forget the glass of Birch wine from spring harvest…










If you are interested in a foraging trip, please let us know… we will organise more of those days out in the next few months.

Farm Trip to Hugh Lowe Strawberry Farm in Kent!

Lovely day out in Kent/Maidstone visiting Hugh Lowe Farm. We have worked with Hugh Lowe for the last 3 summers – right from the start of Smith & Brock. From May to October time, every single punnet we sell is coming from this farm and the quality is just superb! They also grow raspberries and blackberries which are also just delicious!

They have been growing strawberries since 1893. Marian was a great host, with her daughter now part of the business, this is the 4th generation of strawberry growers at this farm! Their set up is so impressive and the level of care being put into a punnet of strawberries is amazing. Each strawberry going into a punnet is expertly selected.






smith and brock farm trip westlands

Firstly – thank you to everyone who braved the crisp, early start and made the trip North West out of London, through the Cotswolds and into Evesham.

To understand the what, why and how all the wonderful micro-leaf herbs, growing cresses, edible flowers and taste of the sea, to name but a few, are made was truly insightful.

It was great to witness the technology involved that allows for automation – increasing the consistency in quality of finished product and improving sustainability with recycled water use in both the watering of the herbs and heating processes.

The tasting of the many products on offer definitely stimulated the tip of the tongue and some.

A big THANK YOU to Westlands for your time and effort throughout the day.