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Smith & Brock is a wholesale supplier of fresh & prepared fruits & vegetables to hotels, restaurants, event and contract caterers, bars, pubs and schools. The business also supplies dairy, chilled goods and a smattering of dry store products, which is mainly customer led.

The business started trading in July 2016 from humble beginnings with a solitary hire van, brothers Nick and Joe and a driver. Whilst Joe and Nick have been in the industry for more years than they would like to admit, the impetus to create Smith & Brock was born out of frustration with being part of something that wasn’t doing things properly. So our mission, very simply, is to have the best people supplying the best product with the best service at the right price to customers who value these attributes in a supplier. ‘Simples’ – as they say…’’

Today the business employs over 80 members of staff and has a turnover in excess of £14m per annum, supplying some of the best addresses in London.  The business is owned and financed by Nick & Joe and is located centrally in South London, SE5, where it has 9,000 sq foot of temperature controlled warehousing and offices.  The central location enables the business to provide a flexible delivery schedule to customers and we are very responsive to 2nd deliveries. We also have a skilled team offering freshly prepared produce and this ensures that we have absolute control over the quality and supply of our sliced leeks, washed salads, peeled potatoes, jenga chips, fresh juices, sweet potato wedges etc.

Lots of companies wax lyrical about how important people are to the business so we won’t. We prefer to walk the walk. For Joe and Nick it was critical to create a business and culture which attracts the best people and empowers the team to grow, develop and flourish – a nice place to work put simply. If you speak to any of our team you will hopefully hear that the business is akin to a family.  It’s a very flat structure, but we have a clear strategy and direction but everyone mucks in, and is proud to do so. There are no ivory towers here at Smith & Brock.

And in answer to the question who is ‘Smith’ and who is ‘Brock’ – Nick’s wife’s maiden name was Amanda ‘Smith’ and Joe’s wife was formerly known as Hayley ‘Brock’.  While I’m here, a big thank you to both of them for their constant support, and of course free use of their maiden names..!